Hi, I am a Indie Game Developer and would like to discuss the 'casualization' of modern games and why we choose to make our tactical RPG 'The Legacy Games' challenging. Ask Us Anything!

Red Rock Softworks
Oct 11, 2017

For most gamers out there we all heard the phrase 'casualization' and 'dumbing down' of game mechanics, especially those from modern AAA titles.

By appealing to the masses, modern games have lost some of its magic, with more emphasis on flashy spectacles rather than the soul of a game, the gameplay.

We wanted our game to have deep and meaningful gameplay, interwolven with unique and interesting turn-based systems, and give players a real sense of satisfaction when overcoming a difficult obstacle.

Ask us anything about our game design philosphies or any gaming related topics in general.

Our Kickstarter for our dark tactical RPG, The Legacy Games has just launched, hope to see your support!



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What is the biggest challenge fir a small indie studio to get a high level of traffic on a KS campaign? What is you plan if you don't get funded?

Oct 19, 10:34PM EDT0

Do you plan on making other games? What age range are you games aimed at? 

Oct 10, 8:44PM EDT0

We love to make other games in the future but for now we are focusing on The Legacy Games. We like to make our games for a mature audience as we like to explore and tackle mature themes in our art. 

Oct 11, 9:15AM EDT0

Hi! Great AMA!

I thought you might want to check out a fellow Gamers AMA coming up tomorrow  Max Control  

Oct 10, 5:32PM EDT0

Thank you, will definitely check it out! 

Oct 11, 9:15AM EDT0

What is the basic premise of the game?

Oct 10, 5:56AM EDT0

I would say the basic premises of the game would be how players choose to solve a problem. We give players the tools (spells, weapons, items) to tackle unique and interesting challenges in the form of fighting monsters and bosses.

Oct 11, 9:18AM EDT0

What other similar game can you compare your game to?

Oct 9, 11:48PM EDT0

Our game has been mentioned to look alot like Banner Saga, a very popular tactical RPG. But our game would play alot more like a combination of Divinity Original Sin and Darkest Dungeon, and adding our own flavour to the tactical RPG formula.

Oct 11, 9:17AM EDT0

Is it an online RPG, or a standalone?

Oct 8, 9:20PM EDT0

The Legacy Games is a single player game, but we incorporated online features in our stretch goals.

Oct 11, 9:17AM EDT0

Have you developed other games before or is this your first?

Oct 8, 5:51PM EDT0

This would be our first game, previously most of us have worked on games in university and mods for Warcraft 3.

Oct 11, 9:17AM EDT0

Is being more challenging the main difference between your game and others like it?

Oct 8, 3:57PM EDT0

It definitely would be one of the main differences, but we also have incorporated some our own unique systems that will make the game more dynamic and interesting. 

Oct 11, 9:22AM EDT0

How much information should I share on a crowdfunder and how important is it?

Oct 8, 12:08PM EDT0

Definitely be as transparent as you can with the information on the product or service you are trying to provide. The more genuine you are with your audience the more likely they are going to support you.

Oct 11, 9:47AM EDT0

If, as you said, the most popular modern games have steered away from this type of model in order to gain sales, why use this type of model?

Oct 8, 6:54AM EDT0

Good Question. We wanted to create a game that will satisfy the hardcore playerbase, but at the same time, introduce new players to something more challenging and interesting. 

Oct 11, 9:56AM EDT0

What platform is the game made for?

Oct 8, 4:46AM EDT0

The Legacy Games will be released on Steam PC or as DRM-Free DL option. We will later support both Mac and Linux systems. We have plans for future releases on other platforms, consoles and tablets.

Oct 11, 9:15AM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 7, 10:52PM EDT0

For lessons so far, we definitely learnt alot as we are very new to the crowdfunding system. The most important one is make sure to build up an audience before launching a campaign.

Oct 11, 9:13AM EDT0

Is it a good idea to include a video in the crowdfunders and why?

Oct 7, 6:56PM EDT0

Yes definitely include a video, most people who visit your page will want to watch your video. Make sure the video highlights the key points of the product/service you are selling. The video would be the second most important tool in your campaign page.

Oct 11, 9:12AM EDT0

What do you mean by "turn-based systems"?

Oct 7, 6:31PM EDT0

Turn-based systems refer to games where each player takes a turn (chess, card games) as opposed to a real time game where player actions are happening simultaneously.

Oct 11, 9:20AM EDT0

Will your games be suitable for all ages? or will they be focused on a mature crowd?

Oct 7, 1:39PM EDT0

The game will most likely be for a mature audience (15+) as some of the themes we will explore within the game are conflict and greed.

Oct 11, 9:11AM EDT0

Hi. Have you incorporated feedback from customers/backers in your game?

What is your back up plan if this campaign fails to meet the pledged goal within the stipulated time frame?

Oct 7, 1:03PM EDT0

Yes we definitely are taking into account feedback from our audiences and learning and gaining new perspective as we move along.

If we fail the campaign, we will still continue to finish the game, we will also look for other funding opportunities and markets.

Oct 11, 9:11AM EDT0
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