Hi, I am a Indie Game Developer and would like to discuss the 'casualization' of modern games and why we choose to make our tactical RPG 'The Legacy Games' challenging. Ask Us Anything!

Red Rock Softworks (Gold)
Oct 11, 2017

For most gamers out there we all heard the phrase 'casualization' and 'dumbing down' of game mechanics, especially those from modern AAA titles.

By appealing to the masses, modern games have lost some of its magic, with more emphasis on flashy spectacles rather than the soul of a game, the gameplay.

We wanted our game to have deep and meaningful gameplay, interwolven with unique and interesting turn-based systems, and give players a real sense of satisfaction when overcoming a difficult obstacle.

Ask us anything about our game design philosphies or any gaming related topics in general.

Our Kickstarter for our dark tactical RPG, The Legacy Games has just launched, hope to see your support!


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