Hi there! My name is Caio Fonseca, I am a Computer Scientist from Brazil and I am also a dreamer. We quit our jobs to start our own Indie studio called Cactus Game Studios and we are currently making the game Blessing: Alien Escape. AMA #AskMeAnything

Caio Souza Fonseca
Aug 29, 2017

Hi, I am a Computer Scientist from Brazil and I am also the CEO and CO-Founder of Cactus Game Studios. We are currently working on this game:

I was asked to make an AMA to share with you the inspiration behind our game, but first, I would like to share some background.

I always loved games and computers. At a certain point in my life I decided to do a B.S. in Computer Science and because of that I managed to live 1 full year studying at Ottawa, Canada with two more friends in an exchange program. One of them, had the same dream of working in a game studios, so, when we came back and graduated, we started to make our own indie game studio and for that we quit our jobs . Today we are four working everyday to make our own games.

The Idea behind Blessing: Alien Escape first came when we were participating of the Summer UE4Jam, a game jam hosted by Epic Games and the theme of the game jam was Blessing in disguise. We had to make a game that somehow used the theme they gave us. After some thinking and researching we decided to use the theme in two ways: literally and with the actual meaning.

What we had in mind for the literal meaning was to create a game in which you play as a character named Blessing that has to disguise himself to survive. Regarding to the actual meaning of the expression we thought of a story that would happen to the character that was going to be a misshappen in the start but at the end it would be a blessing.

The idea for the game came up after we brainstormed. In short, you play as Blessing, an Alien thrown on Earth that has to disguise himself as earthly objects in order to survive.

We hope you like the idea and come along in this journey with us.

You can watch some early alpha gameplay on YouTube here: Gameplay Video - @FellowPlayer

You can download our ealy alpha build for free at Itch.io and at Game Jolt.

If you are interested in learnig more about us you can find us in our WebsiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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