I am Revy. I have played almost all videos games and I have got much experience. I can say that I'm an expert. So friends lets talk something about videos games. #AMA

Aug 13, 2017

Hi friends I'm Revy video game expert.  I'm here to share everything about gaming world.  All game lovers are free to ask me anything about any videos games and any other question.  I will love to answer you all my friends.

I have been playing videos games since my childhood.

gLets go guys......

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When did "Halo: Reach" come out?

Aug 12, 7:15PM EDT0

Halo: Reach is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 home video game console. The sixth installment in the Halo series, Reach was released worldwide in September 2010.

Aug 13, 7:41AM EDT1

Thanks for your answer!  Very detailed!  Have you ever played this game? How did you find it?

Aug 13, 8:21PM EDT0

How much does a video game designer make?

Aug 12, 2:26PM EDT0

Depends on game and game designer.

Aug 13, 7:42AM EDT0

What is the name of the gang member that video game ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ revolves around?

Aug 12, 12:35PM EDT0

Grand Theft AutoSan Andreas is an action-adventure video game .... wield dual firearms or perform a drive-by shooting with multiple gang members who can .... game revolve around the theme of the Grove Street Families gang fighting with ... While en route to join Sweet for a showdown against the Ballas.

Aug 13, 7:44AM EDT0

Do you agree that games like these can really mess with kids heads about morals?  I know they have an age limit, but I've seen many younger children playing them without their parents' knowledge.  What's your take?

Aug 13, 9:26PM EDT0

In the game ‘Metal Gear Solid’,who is the twin brother of Solid Snake?

Aug 12, 11:27AM EDT0

In seminal PSone title Metal Gear Solid,Solid Snake goes up against his twin brother, Liquid snake. They're both clones or sons of Big Boss. Kojima created the character because "the appearance of strongest enemy was a must in mgs".

Aug 13, 7:46AM EDT1

Which bad guy was introduced in Super Mario Brothers 2?

Aug 12, 10:02AM EDT0

What was the first video game ever?

Aug 12, 9:32AM EDT0

Sorry dear i can't answer you.

Aug 13, 7:47AM EDT0

I remember playing one in the late 80s, early 90s on a computer as big as a desk and you just had to choose number options to get through a story like scenario - I think it was called "The Witches Garden" or something.  lol!  How time flies!

Aug 13, 9:43PM EDT0

How are video games made?

Aug 12, 7:20AM EDT0

Video game designers design it through programming and all.

I don't know much more than this.

Aug 13, 7:48AM EDT0

In the game ‘Mortal Kombat’, what phrase is heard when Scorpion uses his spear?

Aug 12, 6:13AM EDT0

 even though i'm a dude"Got milk?"...................yeah i do.

Aug 13, 8:04AM EDT0

Are men and women both knowledgeable about video games?

Aug 12, 4:37AM EDT0

yes no doubt.

Aug 13, 8:05AM EDT1

Gamers, gamers everywhere right?  ;)

Aug 14, 12:06AM EDT0

How do you get pregnant in "The Sims II?"

Aug 12, 2:45AM EDT0

What is the hardest song on Guitar Hero?

Aug 12, 1:33AM EDT0
  • 1 Through the Fire and Flames - DragonForce. The solo is only readable with hyperspeed on. ...
Aug 13, 8:06AM EDT1

In HALO, what is the name of Master Chief's AI sidekick?

Aug 12, 12:42AM EDT0

 The AI's name if cortana, which was given to him by Dr. Catherine Elizebeth Halsey. The AI is actually an exact replica of Dr. Halsey's brain.

Aug 13, 8:10AM EDT0

What video game console has the highest number of video game console sales of all time?

Aug 11, 11:55PM EDT0

At this time the Nintendo DS was the second best games console having sold atotal of around 154.88 million units worldwide. According to the graph above, amongst the most popular game consoles around the world are the PlayStation 2,Nintendo DS/3DS and the Game Boy.

Aug 13, 8:01AM EDT1

Where is the whip in "The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?"

Aug 11, 11:29PM EDT0

For The Legend of Zelda:  The whipis on the ocean temple, defeat the whip master to get it.

Aug 13, 7:56AM EDT0

Thank you!  Been wondering and scratching my head for a whole while!  lol!

Aug 14, 1:53AM EDT0

In video gaming, what is the name of the princess whom Mario repeatedly stops Bowser from kidnapping?

Aug 11, 9:39PM EDT0

Full name, King Bowser Koopa ... And no one can stop me! ... He has repeatedly kidnapped or attempted to kidnap Princess Peach with the ultimate goal of defeating ... Since his debut, Bowser has appeared in almost every Mario franchise game. ..... He gives them to his minions, who are lurking inside the castle's paintings.

Aug 13, 7:55AM EDT1

That's it!  Princess Peach!  Haha!  How could I forget?!?

Aug 14, 12:00AM EDT0

How do I become a video game tester?

Aug 11, 9:03PM EDT0

Search over internet or contact with developers.

Aug 13, 7:55AM EDT1

In video games, what is the name of Sonic the Hedgehog’s sidekick?

Aug 11, 8:50PM EDT0

The Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise began in 1991 with the game Sonic the ... His name is a pun on "miles per hour". ... and zone designer for Sega's Sonic Team, designed Tails for an internal competition for a sidekick to Sonic.

Aug 13, 7:54AM EDT0

What color is Mario's M?

Aug 11, 8:48PM EDT0

Can't say dude.

Aug 13, 7:53AM EDT0

Who invented video games?

Aug 11, 7:46PM EDT0

Inventor Ralph Baer, The 'Father Of Video Games,' Dies At 92.German-American game developer Ralph Baer shows the prototype of the first games console which was invented by him during a press conference on the Games Convention Online in Leipzig, Germany in 2009. Baer died on Saturday.

Aug 13, 7:52AM EDT1

When did "Pokemon Silver Soul" come out?

Aug 11, 7:19PM EDT0

Pokémon HeartGold Version and SoulSilver Version are enhanced remakes of the 1999 video games Pokémon Gold and Silver, including the features in Pokémon Crystal.

Aug 13, 7:49AM EDT1

I was always wondering what the difference was!  Thanks!  

Aug 13, 10:04PM EDT0
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