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Famous Dogg Studios
Nov 30, 2017

Hi, I represent Famous Dogg Studios, a 3-member indie game studio from India. Our primary focus is a top-down action-racing game for Android called Mean Machines (download here). 

A short video demonstrating the gameplay is available here.

The Game is currently in Beta and was one of the first titles to be hand-picked by Google for their Early Access feature on the Play Store in 2016. We plan to roll out the full version of the game in December 2017.

Inspired by RC cars, robot wars and demolition derby, Mean Machines was conceptualised as a fast, fun and highly-accessible combat-racing game and we have spent a little over a year to bring the concept to reality in a compact and pick up and play format. The app has multiple game modes, loads of content to unlock and a tremendous variety in the nature of challenges and battle styles.

We are a highly data-driven team and throughout the development process, we have carefully analysed our users' interaction with content inside the app to continuously improve the gameplay and to guage interest levels for new features and content. 

The game is quite close to completion and we invite Android users to give the beta version a spin!

It is a free-to-play game with very limited advertising and all features including the AI-driven multiplayer mode, an endless play mode and an offline Season with 30 innovative and exciting challenges are all accessible in the beta.

I'd love to answer any questions about the concept, development process (programming, art) and just about anything that you'd like to know about our work. 

Thanks for reading!

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