MaxControl is the first RTS-Shooter hybrid game in CRYENGINE! Hey, we are Eierkop Games, a small indie team from Germany. After two years of development without third party financial support, we're now able to show you what we've achieved so far and what progress our team has made. Ask me anything!

Eierkop Games
Oct 11, 2017

MaxControl base-building, RTS &. FPS Hybrid Game.

MaxControl is the first Base-Building, RTS-Shooter hybrid game in CRYENGINE. We mix classic shooter elements like first person / third person perspectives, looting gameplay, and customizable weapons and THEN we add in RTS elements like resource harvesting, trading, a real-time combat mode, a real-time map, and territory acquisition!

Watch the video below:

MaxControl Introduction Video

                          The Two Powers In MaxControl

Choose one of the two factions and explore an open world to develop new technologies, while you give your opponent hell with strategic skill, speed and team spirit. Produce and trade all kinds of goods. Build your base with tactical finesse and secure essential resources for yourself. Occupy both solitary sites and whole areas to be faster, better and more efficient than your enemy.

We founded the Eierkop Team in early 2015 with two people. Two brothers with the endless will to merge our favorite genres into one single game. After about a year, we got to know Nikodem, who is now our art director. Together with him, we expanded our team with our community manager Svenja and our composer Simon.

For the latest updates about the game check our website and socials :)


MaxControl on Facebook

MaxControl on Steam

Our first map is an island of almost 16 square kilometre!

Build your base as fast as possible to get the MaxControl!

A short overview of the landscapes in our first map "Islamudo" It offers a desert, forests, swamp, steppe and a small city in which you can play in the singelplayer as well as in the multiplayer! Please Back our Kickstarter today.


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A very interesting AMA with lots of great information! I thought you might like to check out this CrowdfundingAMA - Enjoy :) 

Oct 11, 8:10PM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Oct 11, 6:46AM EDT0

I think at first you have to build up a communtiy and for that the most indie teams need time. Update and inform your growing community as much and often as possible about your process of development. Try to contact influencer or people who can present your product to a big audience and contact magazines to get articles about your product. If you're a small team you can put all your effort in your product but if you don't get viral you can have the best product in the world, no one knows it and the result is no one will buy it. Especially for a Kickstarter campaign you have to contact all your friends and family to back in the first days cause now we understand that crowdfunding only works if you reach 30-50 % of your main goal within the first 3 days. After that people starts being not sure to back your project.

Last edited @ Oct 11, 10:31AM EDT.
Oct 11, 10:30AM EDT0

Can you give me a brief synopsis of the game?

Oct 10, 10:48PM EDT0

Yes :) MaxControl is the first realtime-strategy and shooter hybrid game IN CryEngine. We mix classic shooter elements like looting gameplay and first person / third person perspectives with RTS elements like base building, resource harvesting, trading, a real-time combat mode, a real-time map, and territory acquisition. Every task can be taken up by every player at all times, there are no set rules. We want our players to be able to play in our world in the way they like best.

Oct 11, 9:43AM EDT0

Do you think this will be a well accepted game amongst society? 

Oct 10, 9:16PM EDT0

If you talking about the gaming society we will give you a definitely yes. If the community can see that we are working continuously on the game development we're sure that the game will get good feedback. But if you're talking about the society we live in, I think there are a lot of aspects which are more important than playing games in general, doesn't matter which genre of games. We also want to change the gameplay of playing a shooter game  that's why we add a more complex style of gameplay. Teamwork, Basebuilding, resource harvesting and territory acquisition, to name a few. 

Oct 11, 9:36AM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Oct 10, 4:04PM EDT0

First we want to start a campaign on our website where you also have the opportunity to donate. Around March 2018 we plan to start the Early Access on Steam. We can always go back to doing contract work or side-jobs. That would of course increase the development time but we can definitely promise you that we'll do our best so that MaxControl will see the light of day as soon and as magnificently as possible. AND as many interested parties as we are already talking to at the moment there is a good possibility to get financial support from investors if the Kickstarter fail. So we don't give up! 

Oct 10, 7:44PM EDT0

Is it a multiplayer game?

Oct 10, 12:58PM EDT0

Yes but not only. Currently there is a multiplayer option for 1vs1. The next step is to get this on 4vs4 and later 8vs8 and a maximum of 16vs16 but we can't give you an exact date for it. But In our tech alpha you already have the opportunity to play against the AI to learn the basic function's of the game. So it has a singleplayer skirmish and a multiplayer.

Last edited @ Oct 10, 7:25PM EDT.
Oct 10, 7:24PM EDT0

Can you describe the artistic process of how you develop a game?

Oct 9, 7:19PM EDT0

At first there is an endless will to create a game we always wanted to play. In the first one and a half years my brother and me put more than ten thousend of hours in our project to have a basic understanding of all the neccessary aspects of game development and we still learning everyday. At the beginning we split our tasks in two groups, programming and design. After the first one and a half years of development we added more groups like community management, financial planing for further development of the game and marketing. The past two and a half years was like driving a roller coaster, good times and also bad times but if you never give up you will get more and more experience in every aspect of game development. 

Oct 10, 7:17PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Oct 9, 5:56PM EDT0

Start getting viral as early as you can. Talk to all possible people and magazines and build up a community. It's really hard for indies and you need a long breath and time.

Oct 9, 7:09PM EDT0

I love the graphics, how many people are working on the graphics and what was the biggest hurdle during programming?

Oct 9, 4:29PM EDT0

Currently there is only one artist working fulltime on the grapics and also only one programmer. The biggest mission for our programmer is to get all the little function's in only one whole working system.

Oct 9, 6:27PM EDT0

What inspired you to design this game?

Oct 9, 12:25PM EDT0

Back in our teenage years games like Dune, Command and Conquer, and Age of Empires influenced us. We also spent days and nights playing FPS games like Crysis, Flashpoint, and Arma. To be honest, there are heaps of games that influenced our ideas for MaxControl.

Oct 9, 12:53PM EDT0

Is the population you are targeting to donate the same as the target group you want to buy your game?

Oct 9, 12:14PM EDT0

Yes, it's the same group of players we're looking for :)

Oct 9, 12:51PM EDT0

Does Eierkop have a significant meaning and what is it?

Oct 9, 6:21AM EDT1

We founded Eierkop-Games in 2015 and it is a small indie team from Germany. One point is that you have to be a bit crazy to start a project like this with only two guys working fulltime. Thats why our logo has two eggheads.

Last edited @ Oct 9, 7:20PM EDT.
Oct 9, 7:41AM EDT0

Have you already tested the game on a target audience and if so, what feedback did you get?

Oct 9, 5:02AM EDT0

Hi Maria,

jupp we've already tested our game on a target audience and we still doing it. Most of the test players really like the team aspect and the possibility to split tasks like basebuilding, resource havesting or commanding the AI. It's not just a simple shooter where you have only the mission to kill your enemies. But there is still a lot to do. Currently we're are in tech alpha stage and there is only my brother and me working fulltime on it. Thats why we started a Kickstarter campaign (You can still support us here: Kickstarter campaign).

Our target is to working on the completion of MaxControl with an expanded team.

Last edited @ Oct 9, 10:21AM EDT.
Oct 9, 9:41AM EDT0

Where and when will you launch the game?

Oct 8, 8:50PM EDT0

If our Kickstarter campaign is successful we will start our closed alpha in December 2017 and the Early Access on Steam in March 2018.

Oct 9, 9:24AM EDT0

Do you not believe that there a too many shooting games around and that they provoke violence in children and young adults?

Oct 8, 8:49PM EDT0

Will the game be available for PC and Mac?

Oct 8, 4:06PM EDT0

MaxControl will be available for Windows on PC. Maybe later for Linux and Mac but that's not finally decided.

Oct 9, 9:43AM EDT0

How is your game different from most other "shooter" games on the market today?

Oct 8, 1:35PM EDT0

We created a hybrid game which is really different to a simple shooter game. We mix classic shooter elements like first person / third person perspectives, looting gameplay, and customizable weapons and then we add in RTS elements like base building, resource harvesting,  trading, a real-time combat mode, a real-time map, and territory acquisition. So our game is a special mix of different genres and that's why we different to other games.

Last edited @ Oct 9, 9:54AM EDT.
Oct 9, 9:51AM EDT0
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