MaxControl is the first RTS-Shooter hybrid game in CRYENGINE! Hey, we are Eierkop Games, a small indie team from Germany. After two years of development without third party financial support, we're now able to show you what we've achieved so far and what progress our team has made. Ask me anything!

Eierkop Games (Gold)
Oct 11, 2017

MaxControl base-building, RTS &. FPS Hybrid Game.

MaxControl is the first Base-Building, RTS-Shooter hybrid game in CRYENGINE. We mix classic shooter elements like first person / third person perspectives, looting gameplay, and customizable weapons and THEN we add in RTS elements like resource harvesting, trading, a real-time combat mode, a real-time map, and territory acquisition!

Watch the video below:

MaxControl Introduction Video

                          The Two Powers In MaxControl

Choose one of the two factions and explore an open world to develop new technologies, while you give your opponent hell with strategic skill, speed and team spirit. Produce and trade all kinds of goods. Build your base with tactical finesse and secure essential resources for yourself. Occupy both solitary sites and whole areas to be faster, better and more efficient than your enemy.

We founded the Eierkop Team in early 2015 with two people. Two brothers with the endless will to merge our favorite genres into one single game. After about a year, we got to know Nikodem, who is now our art director. Together with him, we expanded our team with our community manager Svenja and our composer Simon.

For the latest updates about the game check our website and socials :)


MaxControl on Facebook

MaxControl on Steam

Our first map is an island of almost 16 square kilometre!

Build your base as fast as possible to get the MaxControl!

A short overview of the landscapes in our first map "Islamudo" It offers a desert, forests, swamp, steppe and a small city in which you can play in the singelplayer as well as in the multiplayer! Please Back our Kickstarter today.


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