My name is Mybrownj. Our team's BubbleOut video game development. We want to love with make video games Save The World, Run To Home, Break The Things Bundle 3 mobile games. World in danger, run from imaginary monsters, family taken - AMA

Nov 9, 2017

We have a team that lives in Mongolia and wants to develop a game. We decided to dedicate all our souls to our game and our time. In addition, there is almost no video game studio in our country. Investors sought to find that there was no opportunity for anyone to understand and support this Indiegogo investment opportunity.

We have to reach $ 16,000. Our team currently has three members and is expanding further. There is also knowledge about the development of video games, but there is no environment or devices. Because we do not have money. So, with this investment we have a 3-4 month rental house, three computers, one wacom, one macbook pro. We will first finish these three games. After that The Critical Shifter, adventurous, decided to make a 3rd person game. We hope you understand and support us.


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybrownj.bor

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