My name is Antoine. I've founded an Esports start-up currently incubated in the center of Paris. Ask me Anything !

Ask Me Anything about Wallet - For all table top games [Crowd funding for Mobile Application ]

I Made Up A Fake Venture Capital Firm and You Can Too! AMA about Startups, Sexism In Silicon Valley, and anything funny!

Science news is a game of telephone. We think you should get science Straight from a Scientist! I've started a podcast to do just that. I'm a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill researching GABAergic networks in Alzheimer's Disease. AMA!

Jan 15, 2018

Infinite Galaxies "Ask Me Anything"

Feuds, a deck building game I've been building for over 2 years. Anything you want to know either about the game or about building games in general, really AMA.

Ask me anything about my new Kickstarter Game 'Sugar Rush' and the design process behind it!

Dragon Rush, a new board game now live in Kickstarter!. Ask me anything.

Mage Math - A New PC Fantasy Adventure Game AMA

Sep 20, 2017

Greeting! I'm an artist that loves Drawing something Cute while listening to Metal/Rock Music. Ask me anything!

Sep 22, 2017

Hello everyone, I’m a recent college graduate from Full Sail University for Game Design and Development. I love designing and programming video games, I have also studied all types of the paranormal for more than 18 years. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 24, 2017

Ask Me Anything about how to make video games and how to make a business company to commercialize your games and follow my game on KickStarter

We got bored with typical jigsaw puzzles so we launched a kickstarter to make our own. Offbeat images, indy artists, and cool themes: Bone Owl Puzzles. AMA

Hey AMA, Ask us how FS'D are competing with the big brands in NYC fashion & changing the accessories game, and still creating a massive following.

I'm a beginning 2D Android Game Developer and just launched my first arcade game with a unique concept! AMA!

Ask Me Anything about App Store Optimization (ASO) and Mobile Marketing


Oct 29, 2017

LET'S MAKE GAMES! Ask and learn all you can on Game Development! Join and AMA (Ask Me Anything)!

Hello, my name is Shaun and I'm a game reviewer with schizophrenia. AMA about my experiences with gaming, my illness or with reviewing/my websites.

I'm a digital game and app developer, currently crowdfunding my first tabletop game. Ask me anything!

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