We Relaunched our Kickstarter Boardgame campagin and got FUNDED! Ask us anything!

Pablo & Tove Jomer
Nov 13, 2017

Hi Tove & Pablo here we are a Husband & Wife team who decided we want to make board games.

We recently launched our first Kickstarter campaign for our animal card game Zoomaka. When nearing the end we realized we wouldn't get funded. After a though few days we decided to cancel and re-launch at a later date. The re-launch is now live on Kickstarter and fully FUNDED!!! 

Ask us anything about re-launching, canceling, running a campaign, board games, card games, play testing or kickstarter. (Or anything else related)

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Are you aware of the potential risks crowdfunding presents, if you believe there are any?

Nov 17, 9:03AM EST1

Yes there are ofcourse risks. We are aware of the risks in our area and have taken the necessary precautions to reduce most risks. The riks in our industry is mainly production, quality and delivery and we feel we have enough knowledge to do a good job on all of those points. We have also considered the economical risk and feel we have those under control.

Nov 17, 9:37AM EST0

What are the differences in your crowdfunding strategies? And what do you think you improved from the first campaign to the successful one?

Nov 15, 7:57PM EST1

One of the big changes we did was definatly how we built up the stretchgoals this time we reduced the game quality slightly from the start giving us a better budget over all. This also allowed us to increase quality of the game in the stretch goals wich make for great stretch goals. We also created content that we could post and organized it into folders for each day of the campaign so that we would not have to do that during the campaign. We did some minor changes to the page as well to make it clearer.

Nov 16, 1:21AM EST1
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Just a reminder that if any of you are interested in getting the game! The last chance is today!


Nov 14, 12:40PM EST0

How does this game compare to other games you enjoy?

Nov 14, 12:16PM EST1

We usually play heavy strategic games. Zoomaka is a more light game. We do however play some of those to and usually the bulk of our games are with smaller games like Zoomaka.

Nov 14, 12:41PM EST0

Hello who came up with the idea to make board game?

Nov 14, 10:20AM EST1

I think Pablo came up with the idea. Tove then made us realize we should make a smaller game as our first game. So Zoomaka is a product of both of us.

Nov 14, 12:42PM EST0

How many times did you play the game? (If more than once) Was the game more enjoyable, less enjoyable or equally enjoyable during subsequent plays?

Nov 13, 2:51AM EST1

We have played the game more than a 200 times by now. It has had some ups and downs, but I think most games would if you play them that much. We still think it's fun to play from time to time especially with friends. <3

Nov 13, 1:10PM EST0

About how many turns did it take for you to "get into" the flow of the game?

Nov 12, 11:25AM EST0

Maby two or three to get in to the flow and maby one whole game to see all the cards. After that most games pick up a lot of speed.

Nov 13, 2:35AM EST0

How clear were the explanations for the rules of the game?

Nov 12, 8:43AM EST1

I think they are good but there is always room for improvement if you want to take a look tell me and I'll send them over. :)

Nov 13, 2:34AM EST0

How will your intellectual property be protected?

Nov 12, 7:58AM EST1

It won't!  Our graphics and text are of course protected by copyright but the mechanics of a game are not protectable. We are not afraid that some one will copy the game though. It is usually less work to contact a creator and pay for publishing rights instead of developing a game from scratch.

Nov 13, 2:34AM EST0

Will be shipping worldwide?

Nov 12, 7:22AM EST1

Yes. Make sure to get your copy before the end of the campaign in two days though as we are not sure where it will be available after that.

Nov 13, 2:31AM EST0

Were there any which stood out as boring or which took too long?

Nov 12, 3:38AM EST0

During development there has been a few games that took to long, since then whe have don a number of changes to make the game faster but still keeping the balance. I think we did a good job on this front. No game has been boring though. :)

Nov 13, 2:30AM EST0

How quickly were players able to make decisions?

Nov 12, 12:56AM EST0

I think it takes about one round to get the big picture of the game. After that most players get the concept.

Nov 13, 2:29AM EST0

Were you able to navigate the rule book easily/Was the rule book well organized?

Nov 11, 7:43PM EST0

Yes and we are planning on making it even more so before we print. We are going to add several examples of game play and we are also going to ad an FAQ section.

Nov 13, 2:29AM EST0

How different do you feel your concept is compared to anything else out there right now?

Nov 11, 3:18PM EST0

Zoomaka is a set collection game and we did not aim to bring a whole new mechanic in this first game so it's not all that different. What makes it stand out is its graphics, that it is being printed on certified paper, the theme and that we put a lot of effort in to making the game as good as possible. We hope that will suffice to get peoples interest.

Nov 13, 2:28AM EST0

Did the game feel like it was missing a crucial element? Were there elements that felt extraneous?

Nov 11, 12:15PM EST0

Yes there has been extraneous elements. We have how ever killed our darlings. Removing things that felty like they didn't bring enough and made the game more confusing. So we think at the moment there are not many of those things left if any. We will continue to work with the game until it is printed in about a month.

Nov 13, 2:26AM EST0

Is this a game you see yourself playing frequently?

Nov 11, 10:13AM EST0

Well we have played it a lot over the course of the last four years. Since we had so much happen in our life it has taken a long time before we could put the game up on kickstarter. We have played the game frequently and it has always been fun to play with friends. One of the reasons we made the game small is that we wanted to beable to have a game that we could always bring with us and play. So Yes! <3

Nov 13, 2:25AM EST0

Did you feel confined in the number of choices you had when making decisions?

Nov 11, 8:17AM EST0

No Zoomaka has a lot of choises built in to it's game play. For instance you always have the choise of either playing banking or keeping a card in your hand. This makes you have to think a lot of what you want to do on your turn.

Nov 13, 2:23AM EST0

Were there any phases of the game or elements of play which stood out as engaging?

Nov 11, 6:22AM EST0

I think the amount of choises in Zoomaka makes it interesting for being a small game. This is great for introducing new players to more heavier games.

Nov 13, 2:22AM EST0

Were players able to devise a "best" strategy and use it repeatedly?

Nov 11, 3:45AM EST0

There are many different stratigies in Zoomaka. We haven't seen any best strategy yet. I think a friend of ours Richard won an amazing amount of games when we played with him but all in all I think Zoomaka is not a super strategic game. It is more of a in the moment tactical game. It is how ever great fun!

Nov 13, 2:21AM EST0

how much interested in this game?

Nov 11, 12:53AM EST0

Well so far there are about 200-250 copies sold. There are also a lot of reviewers and podders who wrote or talked about the game. A few distributors, zoos and museums have also shown a great interest. We hope that we will reach about 300-400 copies during the last two days of the campaign. If you want to help us raise the interest please send help us reach out to your friends! <3

Nov 13, 2:20AM EST0

How much do you think your game will retail for?

Nov 10, 8:24PM EST0

I think it will retail for about $22-26. But that is highly dependent on how many copies distributors want to buy and also if it will go in to retail at all. So if you want the game at a good price I suggest getting it from the Kickstarter campaign as it may not be possible to get later.

Nov 13, 2:18AM EST0

Have you done other crowdfunding campaigns before?

Nov 10, 7:51PM EST0

We did one for Zoomaka that we had to cancel but this is essentially our first. Having to cancel was really hard but now that we are funded it feels like we did the right thing.

Nov 13, 2:16AM EST0

How difficult it is to raise funds through crowdfunding sites compared to traditional fundraisers?

Nov 10, 3:41PM EST0

It is more difficult that we had anticipated. For board games it is a though market as there are so many released each week that its hard to get noticed. It is super important to get your friends and friends friends involved to get the campaign going. Also for your first venture I recommend you putting in some money as well so you can lower your goal.

Nov 13, 2:15AM EST0

Have you attended any well-known events that could help you gain exposure for your crowdfunding sites?

Nov 10, 2:31PM EST0

We have hosted event on our own in a few places in Sweden. We didn't part take in any conventions, mostly because it would be to much trouble to bring our six month daughter to those kinds of events. We will how ever go to a few events next year. 

Nov 13, 2:13AM EST0

Have you ever considered selling your idea as a whole to a larger more well-known company and staying on their team?

Nov 10, 2:16PM EST0

When we started this project it was in part the hole journey of doing everything ourselves that excited us. There fore we have not considered that for this project. We might for future projects though.

Nov 13, 2:12AM EST0

Have you approached large chain shops or retail outlets to pitch the idea to them - backers want to see groundwork before they invest!

Nov 10, 12:31PM EST0

Yes we have visited several shops here in Sweden some have pre-ordered the game. We also called over a 100 shops world-wide but it is a lot harder to convince people over phone. We also emailed quite a few shops. Some of these shops have decided to buy a few copies. Once the campaign is over we are also going to call distributors and shops again to see if they are interested. For the two days that remain we will focus on spreading the message as much as we can.

Nov 13, 2:11AM EST0

Hi Pablo and Tove! Glad to have you host with us again. Congratulations on a successful crowdfunding!  In what kind of situations a campaign re-launch can be a good plan B?

Nov 10, 12:02PM EST0

I think a good time to re-launch is when you have gotten of to a bad start for some reason. It could be some other huge competitor launched at the same time as you or you had not built the crowd enough in advance. In our case the new budget we got made a substantial difference and I think perhaps we should even have re-launched sooner.

Nov 13, 2:09AM EST0