Who does not play Mobile Legends (Bang Bang)? Very Strategic game even your partner could play. Ask Me Anything.

Sep 11, 2017


Simple strategic game and if your playing league of legends and warcraft in your pc. This is a good game to play with your mobile phone. 

This is very addicting and you can play this with your friends. Since it is user friendly you and your partner may wanna try it out just to have fun. The cool thing about this game is you can select different characters that magic, physical skills or strategic skills. 

Have fun with this game.

Twitter: briangtorres

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Since when did you start playing?

Sep 11, 1:56PM EDT0

Hi Robert, only last year december.

Sep 12, 11:38AM EDT0

What should I do with Hilda?

Sep 11, 6:32AM EDT0

Hi Harrissusan, 

You can build this hero by tank items. Try to use "Curse Helmet". so its easier for you to farm. 

Sep 11, 9:48AM EDT1
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What if we get a skin which we already have? Will the game give us different skin or pay the cost of the skin?

Sep 11, 6:28AM EDT0

Hi Robinknapp, 

Well that alright. Once you have the skin, you can now sell them. It helps you to earn more BP. 

Sep 11, 9:50AM EDT0

Have you ever tried any other games or are you totally stuck on this one?

Sep 11, 5:54AM EDT0

Hi Sarah,

I'm also playing other games. I'm also playing clash royale if your familiar with the game. 

Sep 11, 9:51AM EDT0

I am not, but I will check it out for sure 

Sep 11, 7:16PM EDT0

Who are your favorite heroes?

Sep 10, 11:03PM EDT1

Hi Julia,

Primarily I like to use Miya since its a marksman that easy to use. But my best hero will be rafaela cuz Im better in using support heroes. 

Sep 11, 9:53AM EDT1
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How much time to you play every day?

Sep 10, 8:00PM EDT1

Hi Egarrison,

An hour is fine in day but if I am really vacant. I could play more than 6 hours a day, 

Sep 11, 9:54AM EDT1
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What level are you on?

Sep 10, 6:53PM EDT1

Hi Connie,

Im already on its Max Level which is Lvl 30. You can also have a rank with this game. I'm currently a grandmaster from this game.

Sep 11, 9:55AM EDT1
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Should I just pick a hero that fits my play style and only upgrade its emblem set or is it better to have multiple heroes / sets upgraded?

Sep 10, 5:44PM EDT1

Hi Dylan, 

Its better to focus in one hero so can master one at a time. It is up to you if you try to use marksman,fighter,tank,mage or support. 

I suggest to use marksman since its more fun to use and you can really carry the game.

Sep 11, 9:59AM EDT0
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What is your main role?

Sep 10, 5:39PM EDT1

Hi John,

My Main role is using support. Support characters are very handy to use and provide for effects in the game.  

Sep 11, 10:02AM EDT1
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Which hero I should buy that can contribute damage even if I do lag?

Sep 10, 5:15PM EDT1

Hi Juan,

Try to use this hero. This is clint, markman. For me this character can really be awesome.

Sep 11, 10:06AM EDT0
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What fascinates you so much about this game?

Sep 10, 4:34PM EDT0

HI Anthony,

Game play and strategic battle. This has frequent updates that you may enjoy. 

Sep 11, 10:08AM EDT0
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Why doesn't my MVP save? My achievements don't progress even though I have an MVP.

Sep 10, 3:51PM EDT0

Hi Crivera,

Being MVP means your the best during the battle. There are different types of achievement in the game but Im pretty sure that will have progress in time. 

Sep 11, 10:10AM EDT0
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My game keeps crashing during the tutorial, have you had that problem and how do you fix it?

Sep 10, 2:26PM EDT0

Hi Sandracain,

What phone do you use? This game may require a little bit of graphics.

Im currently using ASUS zenphone 3 and works really great.

Sep 11, 10:12AM EDT0
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Did you reach the level you're on with a team or in solo?

Sep 10, 1:10PM EDT1

Hi Robert,

I've already reach the Max level by playing with a team. This game requires group effort. 

Sep 11, 10:14AM EDT0
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Hi, I always get that "not enough magic" so I cant use any of my attacks, but then when I buy stuff from the magic column, it still doesn't work. Do you know how to fix that?

Sep 10, 1:07PM EDT0

Hi Alexander,

What character do you use? I think I've never had this error before. You might wanna try to use any marksman instead if your having difficulties with mage characters.

Sep 11, 10:15AM EDT0

Do you know about game levelling and it's trade?

Sep 9, 1:42PM EDT0

Do you mean rpg games? I maybe familar with some of the games.

Sep 10, 2:42AM EDT0

Do you think that Mobile Legends is an imitation of Dota and League of Legends?

Sep 9, 1:27PM EDT0

yes, since the concept is almost the same. There is only variance when it comes with expression of the game.

Sep 10, 2:40AM EDT0

Did you make this game? What is u nique about it? Why should I play it over league of legends on my PC?

Sep 9, 12:42PM EDT0

I didn't make the game but im sure your going to have fun with this game.

Its like Lol but your using mobile phone. So where ever you go as long as you have good internet, you can play the game.

Sep 9, 11:18PM EDT0

Sound a fun game! And it makes it extra convinient that I can play whilst on the go! Do you think you would ever like to design a game of your own? 

Sep 11, 3:35PM EDT0

Do you have a facebook or twitter we can follow?

Sep 9, 9:42AM EDT0


Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/brianvincent.torres

Sep 9, 12:55PM EDT0

Do you set limits with gaming and then break them, playing hours longer than intended?

Sep 9, 6:41AM EDT1

yes, I intend to play 2 hours per day but sometimes its already getting more than 6 hours. 

Sep 9, 7:46AM EDT0
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