Yes, gaming does causes addiction, and I was addicted to World of Warcraft. I was spending all my day on playing that game, eating in front of computer, but I managed to quit and start living healthy lifestyle. Ask me anything!

Igor Brkić
Jun 16, 2017

Now I'm into kickboxing and I'm enjoying going to gym everyday.

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How was your schooling or job impacted by World of Warcraft addiction?

Jun 16, 12:20AM EDT0

Uhh, I was thinking about that game even in school, so it impacted my marks a lot. But I managed to fix it somehow.

Jun 16, 7:49AM EDT0

What was your heaviest weight when you were addicted to games?

Jun 15, 10:12PM EDT0

Well I'm 18 now and current weight/height is 92kg/190cm feeling really good. But back in the days I was 4 years younger a lot smaller and I was at 75kg. I was fat for my consideration. It's really subjective when you say fat.

Jun 16, 7:53AM EDT0

Do you think game makers bear a responsibility in this issue?

Jun 15, 6:46AM EDT0

No, they are just doing their jobs. They are making money out of it for living and we are those who can't control ourselves. Everything should be legalised even drugs. If you don't have selfcontrol you don't deserve to live. God gave you choice to choose between good and bad things and you know what is good and what is bad for you. Everyone knows it.

Jun 16, 7:53AM EDT0

Have you ever been addicted to any other games?

Jun 15, 6:05AM EDT0

No, not really but WoW made me loose few years of my life.

Jun 16, 7:54AM EDT0

Do you think friends and family should stage an intervention on a gaming addict?

Jun 14, 6:34PM EDT0

They don't need to stage anything. They just have to let him know what they think about it and he should choose his own way. At first he might thing they are talking shit, but later on something will click in his head and he will realise they were right. When he realise that, he will be thankfull to those who said anything about it to him. Face to face nothing to hide. It's actually possible to live without gaming and I'm living proof. There is so much things to be done outhere, waiting on you. Just enjoy real life!

Jun 15, 5:11AM EDT0

How did you stay motivated to beat your addiction?

Jun 14, 10:14AM EDT0

Well I saw results. My body changed a lot since I stopped playing games. I'm improving day by day in the gym and I'm really happy because of that. It's all in your head, some people just need some extra motivation. I found that extra motivation in good look.

Jun 15, 5:08AM EDT0

How did those close to you react to your game addiction?

Jun 14, 6:31AM EDT0

The thing is they couldn't do anything about it. It was all on me, I'd say some didn't belive I could ever quit playing games.

Jun 15, 5:06AM EDT0

How do diet and exercise help counteract a gaming addiction?

Jun 14, 5:29AM EDT0

If you have time for propper nutritional diet and exercise I don't think you have time to be considered gaming addict. You just loose that feel you need to play game. Now I can say I'm addicted to going to gym.

Jun 14, 6:26AM EDT0

How do people react when you say you were a game addict?

Jun 14, 2:17AM EDT0

Now they are supprised because I'm not looking like someone who used to spend half day playing games.

Jun 14, 6:24AM EDT0

How did your addiction to World of Warcraft impact your relationships?

Jun 13, 10:30PM EDT0

I spent less time with friends and family. Some would say I avoided em because of game.

Jun 14, 6:24AM EDT0

Are you able to play games now without going overboard?

Jun 13, 9:08PM EDT0

Yes I am. I'm playing xbox with friends from time to time.

Jun 14, 6:23AM EDT0

Do you think you could be a compulsive gambler?

Jun 13, 6:31PM EDT0

No I've never been in casino in my life.

Jun 14, 6:22AM EDT0

Do you still have contact with fellow World of Warcraft players?

Jun 13, 5:22PM EDT0

No, not really.

Jun 14, 6:22AM EDT0

How did it feel when you were playing games excessively?

Jun 13, 2:38PM EDT0

Well at the time I couldn't feel anything but now when I'm really active and working out I can say I felt like shit... Sorry for cursing but I had to say that.

Jun 14, 6:22AM EDT0

What do you think of prescribed medications for gaming addiction?

Jun 13, 5:42AM EDT0

I'm never for medication. You just need to find way to get to someone's mind and see what he is thinking and use it in your advantage to turn him from something.

Jun 14, 6:21AM EDT0

What activities have you replaced your gaming with?

Jun 13, 4:51AM EDT0

As I said I'm working out quite a lot, and I'm really passionate about it.

Jun 14, 6:20AM EDT0

Should game developers be sued for causing addiction?

Jun 12, 11:20PM EDT0

No, they are just doing their jobs. They are making money out of it for living and we are those who can't control ourselves. Everything should be legalised even drugs. If you don't have selfcontrol you don't deserve to live. God gave you choice to choose between good and bad things and you know what is good and what is bad for you. Everyone knows it.

Jun 14, 6:20AM EDT0

Would you get involved with someone who plays games obsessively?

Jun 12, 7:40PM EDT0

No, those type of people need help but I know they are refusing such things because they think they are considered addicted which is bad.

Jun 14, 6:18AM EDT0

Would you ever play a game like Second Life?

Jun 12, 5:55PM EDT0

Hell NO! Now I understand meaning of life and I'm living every minute of it with such passion.

Jun 14, 6:17AM EDT0

Did you ever seek professional help for your gaming addiction?

Jun 12, 5:25PM EDT0

No, I managed to get over it all by myself.

Jun 14, 6:16AM EDT0

How will you keep yourself from getting hooked on a game?

Jun 12, 5:11PM EDT0

I'm not playing games anymore, except sometimes with friends on Xbox but that is not much of a big deal. Now I know what is good for me and what are my preferences.

Jun 14, 6:16AM EDT0

How long did it take you to become addicted to World of Warcraft?

Jun 12, 2:01PM EDT0

I got addicted really fast because game is very,very addictive. I'd say in a week or so.

Jun 14, 6:15AM EDT0

Do you think games should bear a warning label like cigarettes?

Jun 12, 12:35PM EDT0

Yes of course, something like this is highly addictive game...etc and I think some games should need age limitation.

Jun 14, 6:14AM EDT0

How was your sleep affected when you were gaming?

Jun 12, 8:33AM EDT0

Yes it was really affected, because of midnight raids etc...

Jun 14, 6:26AM EDT0

How much did you spend on your gaming addiction?

Jun 12, 8:26AM EDT0

I can say I was addicted for like 3/4 years and Thanks God I managed to quit.

Jun 14, 6:13AM EDT0

What are the signs that someone is addicted to playing games?

Jun 12, 8:08AM EDT0

Hmm, I'd say spending more than 5 hours playing same game. Planning forward what you gotta do next day in game. First thing in the morning you think about is that game. Later on you dream about that game...

Jun 14, 6:13AM EDT0

Would you ever seek medical help for a gaming addiction?

Jun 12, 7:51AM EDT0

Of course I would if that was necessary. But Thanks God I managed to do it all by myself. Don't know why are people stubborn about seeking someones help.

Jun 14, 6:12AM EDT0

What would you have sacrificed to keep up your addiction, at its worst?

Jun 12, 6:20AM EDT0

Well I sacrificed many things, most importantly I didn't spend much time with friends and familiy. And that is the worst thing you can do by my consideration.

Jun 14, 6:10AM EDT0

How effective is going cold turkey from video gaming?

Jun 12, 5:30AM EDT0

Sorry I didn't quite get that question. Can you please write it to someone who is speaking conversational english.

Jun 14, 6:27AM EDT0

What do you think is the best treatment for gaming addiction?

Jun 12, 4:20AM EDT0

Best treatment for gaming addiction is to not lie to yourself, you just have to keep it real to yourself and admit to yourself that u became addicted to something and that you have to do something about it. I found my treatment in working out everyday with my brother. And as you can see that paid of really well.

Jun 14, 6:08AM EDT0

Do you think someone can be a gamer and be healthy?

Jun 12, 2:26AM EDT0

It depends from many things, If you have someone to track your calories and cook for you then you can at least eat propertly but I can't say you can be healthy. For my consideration of someone being healthy I mean you have to be physically active and maintain diet. Now, I can't say you can't be healthy, but then you are not hardcore gamer.

Jun 12, 2:42AM EDT0

How does video game addiction compare with other addictions?

Jun 12, 2:17AM EDT0

It's same thing, addiction is addiction to whatever. And this is sickest one, wasting time doing nothing in imaginary world.

Jun 12, 2:43AM EDT0

Do you do other things obsessively, besides gaming?

Jun 12, 1:58AM EDT0

I'm not playing games anymore, but I can say I'm addicted to gym. When you see results on your body, you just can't stop.

Jun 12, 2:45AM EDT0

What were your typical food choices when you were gaming?

Jun 12, 1:50AM EDT0

Ooh I was skiping meals a lot of times but that is the worst possible thing. But when I was eating that was in front of computer and most of times it was pizza, sandwiches.. etc

Jun 12, 2:47AM EDT0

What is so addictive about games like World of Warcraft?

Jun 12, 1:24AM EDT0

It's addictive because there is so many players outhere playing same game as you do, you can never achieve everything there is always something to be done, and that is the worst thing. I'm type of guy who doesn't like to leave things unfinished and I'm not guy who is satisfied with moderate success. I like to be the best in whatever I'm doing. Thanks God I stopped playing games and now I'm into something that helps me both physically and mentaly.

Jun 12, 2:49AM EDT0

Can you explain the definition of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game?

Jun 12, 12:13AM EDT0

MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game is any story-driven online video game in which a player, taking on the persona of a character in a virtual or fantasy world, interacts with a large number of other players.

Jun 12, 2:51AM EDT0